Sacred Earth: A Journey to the World’s Holy Places with Martin Gray - P1/2    Del 1

the same sanctity that has called forth reverence throughout the ages.
Today on The World Around Us, we will journey to some of the most consecrated locations around the world with anthropologist and photographer, Martin Gray.

Mr. Gray has traveled the world to visit more than 1,000 holy places in over 80 countries. His photographic works have been published in National Geographic and his own Places of Peace and Power website which has received more than 25 million visitors. In 2007, Sacred Earth was published as a photographic atlas of holy places around the globe and will soon be available in Japanese and Russian.

Mr. Gray has been invited to numerous conferences worldwide to give his presentations on hallowed sites.
Let us now meet Mr. Gray and hear about how his journey to these blessed places unfolded.

For more information on Martin Gray's work and book, Sacred Earth, please visit:

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