Norway bans fur on the catwalk for Oslo Fashion Week - 20 Dec 2010  
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Norway bans fur on the catwalk for Oslo Fashion Week. As the first country in the world to do so, Norway ruled to completely exclude animal fur on runways in the upcoming February 2011 Oslo Fashion Week. This decision was largely in response to the tireless efforts of animal welfare groups, particularly Norwegian NOAH – for animal rights, who submitted a petition that was signed by 200 designers, models, photographers, and fashion journalists. Even major fashion magazines Norwegian Elle and Norwegian Cosmopolitan endorsed the initiative as they agreed not to feature animal fur in their publications. After NOAH organized the airing of videos on national television last year, exposing the appalling conditions in the country’s 330 fur farms, 4,000 people gathered for a candlelight vigil and peaceful rally to show their strong feeling against the cruelties involving fur.

Kudos, Oslo Fashion Week, Norwegian Elle and Cosmopolitan magazines for your caring decisions, and our heartfelt thanks, NOAH and all involved for your help in raising consciousness that beauty does not involve cruelty. May our beautiful animal co-inhabitants soon walk in dignity and peace on Earth as we sanction all life as precious.,

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