Planet Zemlja: naš ljubeči dom
Ohranimo okolje v Afghanistanu – Teud za obnovitev naravnega ravnovesja   

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 Growing Fruits and Vegetables in Sand - One Story From Âu Lạc(Vietnam)
 PLANET EARTH: OUR LOVING HOME No Water Required! Dry Farming in Âu Lạc (Vietnam)
 PLANET EARTH:OUR LOVING HOME Vegan: The Fastest Way to a Cooler Planet P1/4
 PLANET EARTH:OUR LOVING HOME Dr. Rajendra K. Pachauri-Global Warning: The Impact of Meat Production and Consumption on Climate Change P1/2
 PLANET EARTH: OUR LOVING HOME “Changes in Climate, Changes in Lives” - A Message from Greenpeace Brasil, P1/2 (In Portuguese)
 PLANET ZEMLJA:NAŠ LJUBEČI DOM Usmiljeno Poljedelstvo:Organsko Kmetovanje brez Zemlje
 PLANET EARTH: OUR LOVING HOME Climate Change Scientist Dr. Stephen Schneider on the State of Our Planet - P1/2
 PLANET EARTH: OUR LOVING HOME The Enchanted World of Native Gardens with Alrie Middlebrook P1/2
 PLANET EARTH: OUR LOVING HOME "Home": An Eco-Documentary by Yann Arthus-Bertrand - P1/3
 PLANET EARTH: OUR LOVING HOME A Closer Look at the Melting of the Antarctic with Dr. Ted Scambos - P1/2