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HOST: Welcome, noble viewers, to Science and Spirituality on Supreme Master Television.
The Bhagavad Gita is considered one of Hinduism’s most sacred texts and records the teachings Lord Krishna imparted to his disciple Arjuna on life, spirituality and the Universe.

Regarding the nature of thoughts, Lord Krishna said: 『You are what you think; hence thought is action, being and becoming; what one thinks, one becomes. Such is the power of thought.』

On today’s program we are delighted to share a story of how constructive thinking brought about tremendous change to one man’s life; a transformation which proves anything is possible In 1987, Dr. Ali Danesh,
a psychiatrist originally from Iran who settled in New Zealand, met with a serious road accident that resulted in a major brain injury. He lay in a hospital unconscious for more than four months.

The damage was so severe that doctors said he would not be able to walk or talk again and that he would be blind for life.

Today, Dr. Danesh walks with the help of a cane and is able to see. What’s more, by sheer willpower, he has regained the ability to read, write, and speak.

As a beacon of hope to other patients and all those facing serious challenges in life, Dr. Danesh is living proof of the miraculous power of uplifting thoughts, determination and constructive actions.

In this first of a two-part series, Dr. Danesh shares his remarkable experiences of self-healing and rehabilitation in his journey towards recovery.

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