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Be Organic Vegan to Save the Planet P1/8 - May 9, 2009 Lome, Togo    1. del
Concerned about the well being of humankind as a result of the disastrous impact of climate change,our Association members from different countries in Africa organized and hosted the』Be Organic Vegan to Save the Planet』live videoconference in the largest city and capital of Togo,the city of Lomé,on May 9,2009. Supreme Master Ching Hai graciously accepted the invitation to be the Guest of Honor and shared her insights on the issue.

Approximately 2000 participants from all walks of life attended the conference,including important personages such as Mr. Ahoomey-Zunu Seleagodji,Secretary to the Presidency; Mr. Leandre Gebenyedji,representative of the mayor of Lomé; Mr. Kwab vegan naturopath; and Togo’s famous singer,Vanessa Worou. The』Be Organic Vegan to Save the Planet』was broadcast live on Nana FM,Nostalgie,Sport FM in Togo,HotFM in Ghana,and Tokpa FM in Benin.

We now invite you to join us for the rebroadcast of the live videoconference with Supreme Master Ching Hai entitled,『Be Organic Vegan to Save the Planet,』held on May 9,2009 in the city of Lomé,Togo.

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