Swine flu treatment for the critical ill explored - 4 Oct 2009  
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In the deadly flu pandemic of 1918, which took the lives of  100 million people, doctors extracted globulin from recovered patients and transfused it to severely affected ones.

Based on this method, US-based intensive care specialist Dr. Anand Kumar, MD, is working to develop a globulin treatment for approval in critical swine flu cases. Researchers in Europe and the United States are also exploring this procedure. Dr. Lindsay Grayson, MD, Director of the Infectious Disease Department at Austin Hospital in Australia, also suggested offering globulin treatment after discovering that nearly all pregnant women with severe swine flu cases were low in a certain protective virus-fighting antibody.

Meanwhile, swine flu infections worldwide continue to mount, claiming a total of  4,432 lives. The actual volume of cases are too large to measure. Swine flu death tolls rose to 6 in Iran, 4 in Italy, 20  in Formosa (Taiwan) with one of the most recent being the death of a 10-year-old, and to 9 fatalities in Kuwait with the loss of a 14-year-old teenager. Our condolences and prayers, especially for those who have lost loved ones.

We appreciate the efforts of Drs. Kumar, Grayson and others who are trying to develop better treatments to save lives. In our daily lives, we encourage people to come into balance with a vegan diet and its offering of a rich array of plant-based fare that boost the immune system and protect from a wide range of illnesses.


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