A book by an Australian author highlights the benefits of plant-strong living. - 18 May 2011  
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“Forever 21- The Empowering Guide to Reclaiming Your Youth, Beauty, Health, Happiness and Spirituality” was written by Ms. Kathy Divine.  It discusses principles on how to maintain your well-being throughout your whole life.

Kathy Divine (f): I was hoping for people to feel more positive about themselves, about what they’re eating and ultimately to save animals and to help save the planet.

ANCHOR: In the second part of “Forever 21,” Ms. Divine shared interviews she’s conducted with experts in a variety of fields. Among those featured are personal trainer Ms. Fawn Porter and naturopath Mr. Robyn Chuter, both of whom are vegan.

Fawn Porter (f): Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet!

Supreme Master TV Correspondent (f): Can you tell us about the message that you wanted to convey inthe "Forever 21" book? (In English)

Robyn Chuter (f): Well It’s really, really simple. Eat a high nutrient, plant-based diet. Every food that you eat makes a difference to your health.

“Forever 21” is available at www.Amazon.com or see kathydivine.com for more details.

Our congratulations, Ms. Kathy Divine, on “Forever 21.” May your book be greeted by much success in raising awareness about the importance of choosing the vegan diet to protect countless loving beings and our precious Earth.

Kathy Divine (f):Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet!